School budget changes for 2018/19

The local portion of Montgomery County Schools budget for the upcoming year remains at the same funding level as last year, due primarily to the huge expense the county is appropriating for capital outlay funding for the new central high school and the shared career and technical education facility. The county’s portion of the school budget, $5.2 million (outside of the capital outlay and debt service on education projects), is used in a variety of areas. The school system receives funds from the state, federal and local level with restrictions attached to most of the funds in how they can be used. In addition the county gives $25,000 to help fund Communities In School.

During an earlier budget session Dr. Dale Ellis, superintendent for MCS, said, “We have asked for the exact same amount as last year. I know the county has made a tremendous sacrifice for the early college, for the CTE building and for Montgomery Central High School. We want to honor that and not come and beat you over the head every year for more money. You guys have done a tremendous thing for education for the next several decades in Montgomery County.” 

To read the full story see the May 30th edition of Montgomery Herald.