Ivy's Italian Ice

When Alli Herrera and her husband Justice first moved to Troy in 2018, they did so because of the affordability of the home and the convenience of being near their family. She admittedly liked being near Main Street and always loved the TroyFest celebration that has increasingly become more popular through the years. Alli had never thought much about her place in the community until recently when she was inspired to sell Italian ice at local events. When asked what sparked her interest in starting an Italian ice cart that served the local community, she had a deeper moment to reflect. Alli stated that her interest in serving the community was sparked when she saw Win Dozier dedicate the new skate park and thought to herself, “That’s nothing to benefit him. He doesn’t skate,” and realized that he was solely giving back to the youth and the rest of the community by dedicating his time and making this investment. She then began to dream of ways that she could get involved and give back in her own way. 

To read the full edition see the August 10th edition of the Montgomery Herald